Our growing suite of education resources are designed to give students and teachers a deeper understanding about industry. We want to highlight the fantastic opportunities for young people in STEM, and we seek to demonstrate how industry is adopting new technologies to become greener as it strives towards net zero.

Becoming carbon neutral by 2030

Hear from Sanjeev Gupta, the Founder of the GFG Foundation and Executive Chairman of the GFG Alliance, talk about his passion for tackling climate change and ambition for the GFG Alliance to become carbon neutral by 2030. Sanjeev also explains his plans for transforming the manufacture of steel and aluminium into a clean, high tech industry.

Did you know?
Our growing suite of ‘Did you know?’ videos and accompanying education resource packs – produced in partnership with EDT – are designed to help students gain a better understanding about key environmental topics and their relevance in industry.

The videos provide a simple explanation of the chosen topic and uses examples and footage from the GFG Alliance to add context and relevance.

Download the workbook, complete all the activities and then submit your work to achieve the Industrial Cadet Challenger Level Award.

Download the workbook

Download the workbook
What pathway did you take?
A fantastic, ever growing, series of videos that show the diverse range of careers and the pathways that real people have taken to get into these roles.

Andrew Wheeler, Engineering Leader at LIBERTY Primary Steel, Whyalla, Australia

Claire Neilson, Manager of the GFG Foundation in the UK

Jonny Samengo, Chief Operating Officer of the GFG Foundation in Australia

Anastasia Young, Estates Surveyor, JAHAMA Highland Estates

World Climate Summit interview

Hear from Georgina Crumpton, General Manager of the GFG Foundation, as she talks about the work of the GFG Foundation as part of World Climate Summit 2021.

Student Programme Australia
This film was created to show at the launch in 2019. Whilst this is a Whyalla video, it captures the essence of the Student Programme that now helps students in three states across Australia.

This is the video of the launch event in Whyalla, attended by Sanjeev Gupta and The Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia at the time of launch.

Learn more about the student programme and find out what questions students were keen to ask Sanjeev

Videos from the UK
Want to know what it’s like to work in industry? Listen to colleagues from the GFG Alliance talk about their roles and career paths.

Hear from students at Wallace High School about their experiences of the Industrial Cadet Gold Award, and how they completed a project to help ALVANCE become carbon neutral.:

Career paths in ALVANCE:

Career paths in LIBERTY Steel:

Career paths in LIBERTY Powder Metals:

Career paths in SIMEC:

Wondering what employers look for at an interview? Tune in here for some hints and tips.

GFG Student Programmes Romania

This video explains more about the GFG Foundation and the dual education programme, which is delivered in partnership with LIBERTY Galati and the Paul Dimo Vocational School in Galati.



The dual learning programme was launched during a visit of Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania and Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie of Romania to the LIBERTY Galati site.