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We recognise that most of the areas GFG Alliance has a presence in are industrial heartlands that have seen better days, often leaving the youth of these communities feeling like there is a limited future for them and little opportunity for a career in industry.

However, we also know that with a commitment to a carbon-neutral economy, these industries are seeing the dawn of great technological change, which brings opportunity for young people.

Our programmes help young people be better equipped for the opportunities ahead. The programme takes students away from the constraints of timetable and curriculum and introduces them to the world of locally focused STEM opportunity, coupled with a life-skills component to help them with confidence and self-esteem.

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One of our key objectives is for young people to grow in confidence when interacting with adults. To help them do this, mentoring is a key focus of the programmes we support. Our mentors are all volunteers, GFG Alliance employees and local to the community. As such, they bring enormous experience of their own personal and career journeys. They work with students in helping them develop their STEM skills, as well as giving them valuable experience in regular and meaningful interaction with an adult who isn’t either a family member or teacher. In turn, the mentors give back to their community by helping young people flourish and become their best selves.


We have gathered lots of photos and videos of all the hard work the founders, students and staff at the GFG Foundation have done.

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About Us

The GFG Foundation Romania is registered on the Register of Assocations & Foundations, which is regulated by the Ministry of Justice. The Registered Charity Number is 7/05.10.2021.

The Foundation is also regulated by the Ministry of Finance to allow the receipt of donations.


Foundation Programmes

We do this through running school programmes in areas that GFG Alliance has a significant presence in. These programmes help give students some important skills to help them towards being job-ready after school. These include STEM based learning programmes.

The GFG Foundation seeks to address the emerging gap in industry skills by presenting a modern and sustainable perspective on industry.