What we do

The GFG Foundation seeks to address the emerging gap in industry skills by presenting a modern and sustainable perspective on industrial careers to inspire future generations.

We do this through running school programmes in areas that GFG Alliance has a significant presence in. These programmes help give students some important skills to help them towards being job-ready after school. These include STEM based learning programmes, designed to involve students in problem solving real-world issues that are happening in their local communities. Woven throughout this is a focus on self-esteem building, so that students develop a confidence in using their own voice, expressing their points of view, so they are better able to navigate an adult world after school.

We involve GFG Alliance employees as mentors, so the students are learning and being inspired by people who have established their own pathways to careers in industry.

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Education resources

Our growing suite of ‘Did you know?’ videos and accompanying education resource packs – produced in partnership with EDT – are designed to help students gain a deeper understanding about industry.

Did you know … that steel is one of the most recycled metals on the planet? What about the growing importance and affordability of renewable energy?

What do the students say?

Hear from some of the students about how our programmes have inspired them to consider potential careers in industry.

Afia Kazmi

Jonathan Good

Simran Debnath

Samuel May

Morgan Godden

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