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Meeting with the football team Oțelul Galați

Student Activity

November 9, 2022

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The future electricians from the dual education program supported by GFG Foundation Romania and LIBERTY Galati had the opportunity to discuss, in November 2022, with the coach of the SC Otelul Galati soccer team, Dorinel Munteanu and the player George Cîrjan.

“I started playing professional football when I was your age, at 14, in the third league. We are talking about hard and permanent work, discipline and ambition. And not only for athletes, but also for electricians or any other professionals. If I could do it, you can too!”, said Dorinel Munteanu to the 21 young people from Paul Dimo ​​Technological High School.

The young people also attended the Oțelul – FCSB match in the Romanian Football Cup, together with their mentors, managers and specialists of the Combine, LIBERTY Galați and GFG Foundation Romania being also the partners of the football team led by Dorinel Munteanu.



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