Gala of Excellence in Education

The GFG Foundation is the primary sponsor of the annual Gala of Excellence in Education, which takes place in the Public Gardens in Galati. 

Around 650 students in grades V-XII, are recognised for their outstanding achievements in education, sport and music.

The Foundation is proud to support the Excellence Education Gala as it gathers the brightest minds of Galati who will ensure the local community’s success for the long-term. The Gala is a fantastic way to recognise the highest achieving students in Galati, many of which are the children of colleagues from the LIBERTY Galati steel plant. 

By working in partnership with other local community groups and the community’s key opinion leaders, the Foundation strives to inspire and empower the next generation to become the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.

Education Gala event - musicians
Education Gala event - student presentation