Dual Learning Activities

GFG Foundation students look to a sustainable future

Student Activity

March 30, 2023

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GFG Foundation and Rewise Learning, together with LIBERTY Galati, organised, in March 2023, a week of exciting and educational activities for students in the dual learning class at Paul Dimo High School.

The students used their teamwork and electrical skills to build Bluetooth speakers out of recycled steel cans, using kits with processors, wiring and switches.

Students learned about the environment, its importance in our daily lives and the role LIBERTY Steel plays in making our company a sustainable business. Dorinel Munteanu, coach of the local football team  Oțelul Galati, also hosted a session on motivation. The week culminated in the students working in teams writing, directing and editing their own animated film about the environment and its impact on the local community.

The future electricians were awarded a certificate of completion at a celebration event on Friday attended by parents, representatives from local education authorities, electricians – former apprentices, and senior management from LIBERTY Galati.



Foundation Programmes

We do this through running school programmes in areas that GFG Alliance has a significant presence in. These programmes help give students some important skills to help them towards being job-ready after school. These include STEM based learning programmes.

The GFG Foundation seeks to address the emerging gap in industry skills by presenting a modern and sustainable perspective on industrial.

Investing in Future Generations