Dual Learning Activities

Bio-diversity, in the debate of students from the Dual Education Class

Student Activity

June 19, 2023

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Students from the GFG Foundation Dual Education Class of the “Paul Dimo” High School in Galati learned, during a one-day seminar, about the basic elements of biodiversity.

You talked with Mirela Dobrotă, Environmental Director of the Galati Steel Plant, about what bio-diversity means for a large production unit and what are the challenges of protecting the environment in the steel industry.

Students could also see practically how they can protect biodiversity. In the area around the LIBERTY Club in Galati, they found out the humidity and sunlight conditions, talked to the people in the area and determined which flowers and plants would be the most suitable. Later, they made, from wet soil and seed mixtures, small clods that were planted around the Club.

The flowers planted by the students have come to life and can now be admired by those passing through the area.



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