Investing in future

About GFG Foundation

The GFG Foundation vision is to identify and develop the potential in people to allow them to succeed in life.

The Foundation focuses on programmes to support people, particularly young people, to reach their potential and strengthen industries and local communities by boosting skills and employment prospects.

Along the way, our people are involved through mentoring programs and transfer their skills, knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Our founders

In February 2017, Sanjeev and Nicola Gupta launched the Gupta Family Group Foundation (GFG Foundation) as an initiative to develop the skills needed to help people start and continue working in specific industries, notably engineering, metals and renewable energy.


The GFG Foundation operates in the UK and Australia. There are also plans to expand the Foundation’s activities to the US and Europe.

Learn more about our current operations in the UK and Australia, including the specific programmes underway in each country.

GFG Foundation United Kingdom
GFG Foundation Australia

Our challenge is to address skills gaps by enabling people to reach their potential. There is clearly much to do and so the Foundation look forward to addressing the joint challenges of developing people and industries to secure a brighter future for communities and the wider economy.

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Aug 4, 2020 @ 12:45pm
Thanks to @TheEDTUK for the opportunity to talk to students as part of the Headstart programme. Some great questions raised and hopefully inspired our next generation of #engineers #Scientists FoundationGfg photo