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GFG Foundation Romania

Enhancing opportunities, building communities

Our Purpose

To develop integrated programs to improve access to education, development and consolidation of the social economy, local and regional economy development, environmental protection, promotion and preservation of traditional cultural values, ethno-cultural diversification, promoting the principles of sustainable development and equal opportunities, as well as carrying out charitable, humanitarian and social-philanthropic activities in support of disadvantaged people, especially for children.


Investing in Future Generations

Students in the local community have opportunity to participate and engage in a science and industry based programme, supported by mentors and local businesses

Students also develop vital interpersonal skills such as project management and team work

Communities benefit from retaining skilled and motivated youths, who contribute to the local economy.

Educate through Sports

Investing in Future Generations

Young people have opportunity to participate in sports, enhancing both physical and mental health

Parents can support their children by encouraging participation and active involvement in the local community

Communities have vibrant sports clubs, enhancing well-being and social engagement.



Employees are encouraged to participate in Foundation activities, enhancing their skills and benefiting the local community

Workplace mentors utilise and share their industry knowledge and skills with students

Community links with the Foundation are strong and highly regarded.

Our challenge is to address skills gaps by enabling people to reach their potential. There is clearly much to do and so the Foundation look forward to addressing the joint challenges of developing people and industries to secure a brighter future for communities and the wider economy.

Sanjeev Gupta, Nicola Gupta